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appleby sarah goss

Sarah, a college student, is blogging her way through her junior year abroad in England. One of Sarah’s blog’s most recent installments focused on our reason d’etre: Food!

Unknowingly, Sarah’s observations touched on that which is the hottest topic among chefs, nutritionists and culinary activists. And the results are a must read.–amy reiley

from the blog of Sarah Goss
Food in the U.K.: size really doesn’t matter
August 26, 2006

In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve discovered that the food is amazing- definitely not what I get at home. Since I’ve come here I have been drinking wine, eating pasta, baguettes with Nutella, you get the idea.

However, [in the past] after a few days of this I would notice tighter jeans, but nada.

The portions are smaller here, but not so they leave you starving. It’s more like there is less on you plate so you don’t continue to eat when you’re full. Plus the food is so fresh. I bought a big slice of brie cheese for 79p the other day (about $1.50). At home, it would cost a lot more and wouldn’t be so flavorful. At lunchtime, pile it on a baguette with a slice of apple and it is delicious. The apples are smaller too; but they don’t use chemicals to make them big as is often the practice in the Sates. They are half the size, but the taste is worth it.


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