not ketchup, the ketchup-free condiment

The Alternative to Ketchup You Need Right Now

not ketchup, the alternative to ketchup

You’re gonna get saucy!

You know what’s not sexy? Drowning your food with a slash of blood-red ketchup! Don’t get us wrong, condiments are cool, when used in sparing doses. Especially a sauce with complexity of flavor that makes the tongue tingle and the heart throb. We think we’ve found the perfect alternative to ketchup to satisfy your sauce craving and make your sandwich a little more sexy. That’s why we’re featuring  the fruit “ketchups” from Not Ketchup. Not Ketchups are all-natural, Paleo-friendly sauces made from sweet fruits instead of tomatoes. That doesn’t mean that the flavor is sweet, the fruits are balanced by the tang of vinegar and a bit of salt, making them sophisticated sauces you would use just like ketchup–and more. In fact, there’s NO added sugar–we love that! The sauces are also gluten-free and diabetic-friendly.

The flavors

Not Ketchup comes in 5 flavors including Cherry Chipotle, Blueberry White Pepper, Spiced Fig, Tangerine Hatch Chile and Smokey Date.

For more information, visit the Not Ketchup website.

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