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This Takes Box of Chocolates to a Whole New Level

If life is like a box of chocolates…

I receive samples of potentially aphrodisiac products all the time. Never before has a product taken my breath away. When zChocolat told me to expect a delivery, they did not prepare me for the extraordinary experience that was about to unfold. Their 2018 “Valentine’s Day Collection,” takes the concept of a box of chocolates to a whole new level.

Attention to details

Everything in this special collection is stunning. The attention to design is more reminiscent of what you might receive from a jeweler than an chocolatier. I received the 27 piece Ruby box. zChcolat Ruby box of chocolatesThe Ruby is a mahogany wood box with the recipient’s name engraved just below the gold latch. That’s right–I got a box of chocolates with my name engraved on it! Once the latch is lifted, rose petal-covered box of heart-shaped, ganache filled chocolates reveals itself. A twelve heart assortment in dark, milk white and a satiny red (white chocolate) chocolate shells, each color is filled with a surprise of aphrodisiac flavor. I, of course, dove at the red. It offered the sweet spice of bergamot. My husband indulged in the dark chocolate filled with sea salt, vanilla caramel. But wait, there’s more. As I mentioned, the Ruby collection offers 27 confections. Beneath the assortment of hearts, there is a second box of chocolates featuring zChcolat’s 15-piece traditional assortment.

The presentation

zChocolat box of chocolatesThe box in itself is something to behold but it is only the final reveal of the packaging. Opening the package from zChocolat requires peeling back many layers, a seductive striptease of confection. First there is the black, drawstring bag, the presentation of which made my husband worry that we were about reveal one of the 50 Shades of Grey. The package inside was dressed in thick, black wrapping paper. It was tied with a white ribbon and a seal embossed with my initials. Opening the package was without a doubt an incredible part of the experience.

The taste test

Of course, what truly makes or breaks a great box of chocolates is not presentation but the quality of the chocolate. ZChocolat has a reputation as one of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. And with this sampling, they lived up to the reputation. The shell of each bon bon is wafer thin and the ganaches and other fillings creamy, smooth as silk caressing the tongue. The flavors are well-balanced, not too sweet. The flavors of the fillings are bright and interesting but never overshadow the seductively earthy notes of fine chocolate.

The ultimate romantic gesture?…

the flavors of zChocolatI’ve tried a lot of chocolates in my life and never before has a chocolate caused me to moan with pleasure. We were literally moaning. I’m sure the multi-layered presentation leading up to the chocolate heightened the pleasure and perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten quite so excited over a bit of candy apple red chocolate filled with ganache had the total experience not been so over the top. But that’s the point! If you want to delight and indulge your lover to the point that you make them moan (over chocolate), a package from zChocolat is going to do the job.

About zChocolat

zChocolat is shipped directly from France around the world via DHL. The shipping fee to any destination is a flat 18 euros. The specialty collections will set you back about as much as a small piece of jewelry but I think if you ask most devout chocolate lovers, they would chose the experience of zChocolat over a bangle any day.


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