A Friendsgiving Cocktail with Ketel One Botanicals Cucumber & Mint

Need a Friendsgiving Cocktail? Try this Mystically Mint Recipe

An easy friendsgiving cocktail There's something to be said…
closeup of Vodka Apple Pie Cocktail with green apple garnish

Vodka Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe - prepare to get into the Holiday spirit!

Pour some Holiday cheer We were first pitched the idea for this…
closeup fo Smoke on the Water, the sexy vodka cocktail in a martini glass with an orange twist. A black mask is in the background

A Sexy Vodka Cocktail with Scottish Flair

The drink choice of the costume party set The creative team…
Tangerine Creamsicle--a simple vodka cocktail made with fresh fruit juice

Tangerine Creamsicle--a simple vodka cocktail with aphrodisiac ingredients

A cocktail with flavors of vanilla and fresh fruit juice I invented…
Lavender Lemon Shooter

Hit the Sauce with a Lavender Lemon Shooter

The aphrodisiac version of a lemon shooter Its been a rough…