Tangerine Creamsicle–a simple vodka cocktail with aphrodisiac ingredients

Tangerine Creamsicle--a simple vodka cocktail made with fresh fruit juiceI invented this simple vodka cocktail one Friday night when I realized I was out of wine. I rummaged through the cupboards and found an unopened bottle of vanilla vodka. What would blend with it? Because we have a Soda Stream, we always have bubbly water in the house. But a Vanilla Vodka Soda did not sound quite right. What if I layered it with fresh fruit juice? Then it would practically be a health drink, not to mention an aphrodisiac. With the addition of fresh tangerine juice and a touch of simple syrup I had a cocktail layered with aphrodisiac ingredients. But how would it taste? One sip and I realized that what I’d created was an adult version of a Creamsicle. Read more

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Fennel and Tangerine Salad with Arugula and Sweet Onion

fennel and tangerine saladIf you love salad, winter can be a hard time of year. No plump, juicy tomatoes to decorate your plate. (Pity, since some say tomato is the original fruit of temptation.) The lack of peaches, basil, fresh little gem lettuces and summer squashes could get any salad lover down. Read more