Cooking in the Raw with Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein–a new raw cookbook

raw cookbook

Chef Charlie Trotter introduces a raw cookbook

In 1999 Chef Juliano Brotman debuted his firs raw food recipe book, Raw: The Uncook Book. But it took almost five years for raw foods to catch on. This summer represents an American raw food craze due in a large part because of a new raw food manual bearing famed chef Charlie Trotter’s name.

Not known for raw cuisine, Trotter partnered with chef Roxanne Klein, owner of America’s only upscale raw food restaurant, Roxanne, to produce a delectable coffee table book on “cooking” raw.

The book covers the basics of raw food preparation, including dehydrating and juicing before it launches into soups, salads, entrees and desserts. Most of the food is that of the health nut; there’s a bunch of foraging for fruits and seeds. (See page 86 for the marinated artichokes, turnips and beets with date and cranberry puree). But as the recipes get more complex, they showcase the arrays of flavors, textures and colors only found in nature’s pallette. Some, like bleeding heart radish ravioli with yellow tomato sauce even get a little sexy. While they may not make your lover swoon, raw foods, generally light and easy on the digestive system, lend themselves to an evening of seduction.


raw food at the spa

raw food isn’t just for eating

raw food at the spaRaw food does the body good. At least, that’s the thinking behind some of the best selling spa treatments on the market today. Does rubbing your body in avocado, orange oil or limes produce soft skin and a fresh outlook? We’ll let you be the judge. Here are some of the best ways to get raw in the spa:

At Biras Creek’s Spa by the Sea in Virgin Gorda you can get rubbed in fresh picked aloe and essential fruit oils with the Island Cooler.

The urban jungle also supports the concept of food for the face. Manhattan’s Sava Spa has shrugged off the chemist’s workshop of elaborate beauty regimens for age-old wisdom. Eye treatments with good old cucumbers go hand in hand with lemon juice lightening at what is considered one of the West Side’s most chic beauty outposts.

The new spa at St. Emillon’s Chateau Grand Barrail offers a full menu of fresh fruiti-tutti. Therapists-turned-chefs whip up fresh fruit and veggie creations made-to-order for every treatment. As if the Bordeaux wines weren’t enough…….

For the at-home spa, the Body Deli has a Fruit Smoothie Enzyme Mask with papaya enzymes and a Sea Plasma Mask with cucumber. Both masks can be ordered by mail but must be refrigerated to keep their living ingredients in peak form.

And riding the crest of the Raw Food Revolution, Sage, a new spa in Cazobon, California opening in late 2004 will offer a full menu of preservative-free food for the skin, including rose water and apricot oil wraps.