Ronie’s Icing Cookies–a Holiday Season classic recipe

This recipe comes from our Web Editor, Ronie Reiley. We love these cookies because they’re crunchy, nutty and not too sweet. Over the years, they’ve become the cookies we associate with Christmas. Read more


Easy Cappuccino Biscotti Recipe–a cookie with caffeine

A traditional biscotti with a caffeinated twist

Easy Cappuccino Biscotti Recipe

Chef Annette Tomei gave us her trusted biscotti recipe. It was adapted from a recipe originally printed in the December 1992 Gourmet magazine, although Annette made it her own with tweaks over the years. Read more

peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookies

recipe by Chef Delahna Flagg

What could be easier than a cookie you mix, drop and cool? Delahna brings us this simple recipe with an aphrodisiac twist perfect for adults and kids alike. We know about cocoa’s role in health and happiness but the other ingredients these little rounds of happiness offer hidden goodness. Oatmeal is noted libido-lifter and loaded with fiber. Peanut butter and coconut add protein and healthy fats. Read more


chocolate almond seduction cookies

recipe by Amy Reiley
from Romancing the Stove

Why make just any old cookie this Christmas when you can have aphrodisiac cookies? Amy Reiley puts a sexy spin on cookie baking with this recipe from her upcoming book, Romancing the Stove, (coming out Jan 16, 2012). Read more