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Barley Risotto with Apples and Parmesan

barley apple risottoThis recipe comes from our regular contributor Annette Tomei. In addition to offering us some great wine recommendations, Annette is a trained chef and cooking instructor. Although she creates recipes for clients all the time, this barley risotto is one she made for herself. It’s her way of enjoying risotto on a healthy diet.

Swapping out arborio for barley also gives the risotto a unique texture and greater depth of flavor. Read more

Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine

Ole Smoky Apple Pie MoonshineMoonshine is an aphrodisiac? Well, we don’t exactly have a wealth of folkloric history pointing to this truth but, in essence, all alcohol is aphrodisiac (consumed in moderation). And when a Tennessee distillery transforms their moonshine with the essence of famously aphrodisiac apples, hints of cinnamon and golden baked crust, Read more

The Apple

appleby sarah goss

Sarah, a college student, is blogging her way through her junior year abroad in England. One of Sarah’s blog’s most recent installments focused on our reason d’etre: Food! Read more