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Vegetarian White Bean Chili with Chocolate

White Bean Chili with Chocolate from Romancing the Stove by Amy Reiley

Chili with Chocolate?

This recipe comes from my cookbook Romancing the Stove: the unabridged guide to aphrodisiac foods. I love the use of cacao in Mexican cuisine. It’s a culture that’s been using chocolate since before it was even discovered by the “civilized” world. Now, I can’t accurately call my White Bean Chili with Chocolate Mexican. But what I can call it is aphrodisiac! By layering a tongue-tingling dose of chile pepper with both antioxidant-rich cocoa and bittersweet chocolate, I’ve given the pot of chili an earthy base. On top of it, the tang of tomato and sting of chile truly shine.  Read more

Braised Short Ribs with Black Mission Figs

Braised Short Ribs with Black Mission Figs

A figtastic treat

Sondra Bernstein of Sonoma’s acclaimed The Girl and the Fig restaurant is known for creating dishes featuring one of the world’s most iconic aphrodisiacs, figs. So I always love turning to her in summer for suggestions on what to do with the bounty of fresh figs the season offers. But how do you celebrate the seduction of figs in winter? Sondra creates a sauce with dried Mission figs to top her braised short ribs.

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Lemon “Minute” Souffle Recipe

Lemon "Minute" Souffle RecipeChef Annette Tomei shares this recipe with us. It was inspired by her work as a chef instructor at the French Culinary Institute. We love it because it shows just how quick it can be to whip up a souffle. (Souffle is sexy!) Read more


Steamed Mussels in White Wine Tarragon Broth

Steamed Mussels in White Wine Tarragon Broth--so easyMussels are among the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs. Seriously! They rate right up there with oysters…most people just don’t realize it. What most people who don’t cook also don’t happen to know is that steaming mussels in white wine is one of the easiest things you can make for a romantic meal! The mussels cook in their own little vessels, basically create their own brine-y sauce and impress the pants off of anyone who loves seafood and has no idea how to cook shellfish.

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Summer Lovers’ Peach Gazpacho–an aphrodisiac variation on a classic chilled soup

Aphrodisiac Peach Gazpacho from Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbookfrom fork me, spoon me: the sensual cookbook
by Amy Reiley

Amy hated to part with this recipe, as its one of her favorite secrets of her first book, Fork Me, Spoon Me. But we twisted her arm because we wanted to share with you what we deem the perfect soup for capturing the spirit of summer in a bowl. Read more