Discover Drouhin Both Old World and New

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Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley

Every once in a while I’m inspired to dedicate my monthly column to a single vintner or winery or, in this case, legendary wine family. Joseph Drouhin founded an estate in Burgundy in 1880. Since then, Drouhin has grown to become one of the most recognized and admired names in the wine business. The Drouhin family is considered a leader in creating world class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In fact, Joseph Drouhin’s grandson, Robert Drouhin, is credited by some for “discovering” Oregon’s Pinot Noir potential. Today, the Oregon winery is overseen by Robert’s son Laurent while the wines in France are made by his very talented sister Veronique.

I’m featuring the wines of Drouhin this month because I feel like they’re perfect in both summer and fall. The Drouhin wines, both those from France and from their winery in Oregon, offer refreshing acidity but at the same time, they echo many of my favorite flavors of autumn. The four wines I’ve chosen to highlight, (two Old World and two New) are all affordable wines perfect for elegant summer dinner parties under the stars. But they’re also wines you can enjoy in front of a crackling fire as the weather turns cold.

2015 Roserock Drouhin Eola-Amity Hills Chardonnay, Oregon
This is a lovely white with a freshness yet full body. It offers pear and almond aromas and flavors with hints of lemon zest and white peaches. There’s a saline quality on the finish that makes your tongue long for the next sip. $35

2015 Joseph Drouhin Mâcon-Villages, France
This is a lovely, easy-drinking example of affordable white Burgundy. It offers fresh, floral aromas and ripe peach flavors with bright tang of lemon acidity. A hint of minerality adds elegance. $15

2014 Joseph Drouhin Fleurie Cru Beaujolais, Hospice de Bellevilles, France
This might be Drouhin’s most fun bottle of red. Its color is remarkably ruby, beautiful in the glass. But in the mouth is where it truly shines with bursts of raspberry, cherry, lavender and sexy, exotic spices. $25

2014 Roserock Drouhin Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir, Oregon
If you like American Pinot Noir, you’re going to love this wine. In fact, it just doesn’t get much better than this for the price! It’s a cherry and berry fruit-forward wine with moderate tannins; so easy to drink, so luscious and elegant you’re going to wish you had a second bottle. $38

Awesome Asti–Moscato d’Asti is a wine everyone can enjoy

amy reiley

Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

Moscato d’Asti is a sparkling white wine produced in Northern Italy. It is low in alcohol and slightly sweet, making it a perfect wine for summer. Unlike Champagne, Moscato d’Asti is produced in a frizzante style. That means that rather than having the rush of efferevescence of Cava or Champagne, it has a gentle effervescence produced fron tiny bubbles dancing across the tongue. This is because the wines don’t undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. Read more

Dedicated to the Champagne Lovers–5 wines you’ll want to try

amy reileyWoman on Wine with Amy Reiley

Like just about ever other wine writer, I tend to save my stories on Champagne for the holiday season. Unfortunately, that only helps to perpetuate the idea that Champagne is a celebration-only wine. Sure, it’s effervescence seems to put everyone in a party mood, but that shouldn’t mean that you limit your Champagne intake only to birthdays, weddings and New Year’s Eve! Read more

Affordable Wines for Romantic Occasions

Woman on Wine--affordable wines for romance

Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

An inexpensive wine CAN be a perfect choice for a romantic celebration, here’s why:

A few weeks ago, the marketing team for Noble Vines approached me. They pitched me on the notion that affordable wines are a viable choice for a romantic evening, be it Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or whatever day you’re celebrating. I thought about it for a while and realized they have a solid argument. I mean, we always point to “special occasion” wines for making romance. But it is absolutely true that inexpensive wines can fit the bill just as nicely, depending on the circumstance. Read more

Shut Up and Drink

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Woman on Wine

with Amy Reiley

I generally try to give my monthly column some sort of educational framework, featuring a region, a style or maybe a particular winemaker. But sometime you don’t want a lecture; you just want a drink. I feel that. So this month, I’m simply highlighting 5 wines I want to drink right now. They’re great for the season, reasonably priced and just, well, good.

2010 Domaine Vincent Careme Les Clos
This tangy Vouvray is a little bit of a splurge for a summer white, but well worth it. There’s a minerality that carries through from the aroma to the lingering finish. Its stone fruit flavors are faintly sweet. But what makes this wine stand out to me is an amazing, peaches and cream texture.

Shut Up and Drink a Great Bordeaux Blanc2014 Légende Bordeaux Blanc
If you’re looking for a wine that tastes like summer, look no further. This Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend stands out from the pack for its high percentage of Semillon (45%). That Semillon adds layers of richness to the fresh lychee and melon notes of the Sauvignon Blanc. It’s like fun in the sun days and sultry nights in one bottle.

2013 Le Vigne Di Zamo Ribolla Gialla
Ok, this one might be a little hard to find, but once you get it, you’re going to have fun. It offers something green and fresh, yet it’s a wine with complexity and depth. Its flavors of apple and citrus linger long.

2004 Montenidoli Sono Montenidoli
This 100% Sangiovese is just right for wild game BBQ night or a romantic evening for two. On the nose there are notes of damp earth that spark sensuality. It might be a little young, but its strawberry flavors are absolutely luscious right now.

2012 Joseph Jewell Grist Vineyard Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
I’ve never made a secret about my passion for Dry Creek Zin. It’s one of my favorite summer red styles, for sure. This Dry Creek Zin is compelling with pretty cherry and blueberry fruit, nice balance and just a little bite of black pepper. My favorite characteristic is a saline note that makes the mouth water for the next sip.