Westerly Cote Blonde - a Summer Wine

Summer Wines


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Although my fall back is to drink something pink when the temperature starts to rise, I still like a little variety in my life. Sometimes fun in the sun calls for Sauvignon Blanc, but dinner with friends feels like a red wine moment. Whatever the occasion might be, here are 5 wines that pair well with the dog days of summer.

My recommendations:

2013 Estate Equilibrium White Wine
Honeysuckle and anise aromas, fresh, lively with tongue-tingling acidity and apricot, white nectarine and tangerine fruit flavors. The wine is tinged with sweetness but it’s nicely balanced by minerality. Easy, light and perfect for a picnic or barbeque.

Chasing Venus
2014 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
This one had me at “Venus.” But beyond the celestial name, this racy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has more than a few things going for it. Light and refreshing but bold, it has a lime zest acidity that makes the mouth water and tropical fruit flavors including pineapple, passion fruit and a variety of citrus.

Saget La Perriere
2014 La Petite Perriere Rosé
If you’re looking for a lovely little rosé for under $10, this should fit the bill. A pretty wine with rose petal and strawberry candy aromas, its crisp, clean finish is for sure its best feature. Its simple, food-friendly, fruity and fresh.

Westerly Cote Blonde - a Summer WineWesterly Wines
2012 Cote Blonde
This is one juicy Syrah, made seductively feminine by the addition of 5% Viognier. Its aromas are worth breathing in for several moments thanks to luscious floral and spice notes. In the mouth, there’s general berry flavors, licorice and a hint of heat toward the back of the palate.

Josh Cellars
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
Although so many California Cabernets are big, tannic, “winter” wines, Josh’s Cab captures the essence of a summer barbecue. Its flavors are approachable with notes of smoke, wood and game intermingled with a pleasing but not sweet, ripe blackberry and black plum note.


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