Vinho Verde

Summer Weight White Wines from Portugal

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To all those stubborn mules out there who insist ripe Cab is the only thing worth drinking, listen up. Summer is made for white wine . And not just any kind of white, I’m talking crisp, floral, clean kinds of white. This month I’m knocking back Vinho Verde, the light, crisp, low-alcohol white of Portugal.

Sogrape Gazela
This is one of the best aperitif wines for the price that I’ve ever tried. A hint spritzy on the tongue, it dances around the mouth with Meyer lemon and herbal flavors. Oh, and the packaging rocks.

Vinho Verde2006 Manuel Nunes da Costa Camizao Casa de Oleiros
A tropical fruit salad in a glass, this is a beautiful example of Vinho Verde fruit flavors. A hint of bitter herb on the back of the palate keeps the wine from being a fruit bomb.

Provam Portal do Fidalgo
Unlike many Vinho Verdes, which are made from a blend of grapes, this wine is 100% Alvarinho. However, it is surprisingly complex for a single-grape wine, not to mention delightfully soft in the mouth.

2006 Manuel Correia de SA Quinta de Gomariz
A pretty, delicate wine with dominant aromas of honeysuckle and chamomile. Clean and fresh, its flavors are of crisp apple and pear.


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