Champagne in Summer

My Summer of Champagne


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Who says you have to save the bubbly for the eve of a new year? Icy cold and surprisingly refreshing, Champagne is a cure for the summertime blues. That’s why I’m calling this my Summer of Champagne.

Here’s a look at a few of France’s remaining affordable bottles of bubbly from the great growing region of Champagne. Drink up in high spirits and good health and make this your Summer of Champagne, too!

The recommendations:

Heidsek Monopole “Blue Top”
Slightly peach in hue, its pretty color belies this wine’s burly structure. A masculine Champagne if I ever tried one, it offers a rich, tongue-coating mouth feel and a strong finish. $$

Comte Audoin de Dampierre Brut Grande Cuvee
Although the thought may seem initially odd, this wine reminds me of freshly baked multigrain bread. But then, think yeasty, nutty with just a touch of sweetness… the concept is not so unique. $$$

The Summer of ChampagneEgly Ouriet Brut Tradition
Aromas of lemon and vanilla custard – typical of a French Brut? But when it hits the tongue, the wine’s bizarre and complex character is fully revealed. Flat, although it sounds unflattering, is the best way to describe the mouth feel. It is almost like a yeasty, dry still wine, perfect for matching with an elegant meal.

Champagne Philipponnat Reserve Rose
Rich but acidic it has length, decent body and a beautiful peach color. And what it lacks in refinement, it makes up for in price as well as in its lingering anise and rose petal finish. $$$

Champagne Jacquesson Cuvee No. 730
With a level of refinement not often found in Champagnes in this price range, Jacquesson is a wine carefully aged to showcase its elegant elements. Food-friendly, it cries out for a little mu shu or a platter of imported cheese. $$$

$ under 15USD
$$ 15-25USD
$$$ 25-50USD
$$$$ over 50USD


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