Stickies–a collection of dazzling dessert wines

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When considering wines to purchase and enjoy, sweet things are all too often ignored. And for those who consider themselves aficionados of “stickies,” it’s usually France’s Sauternes region that initially tickles their fancy. But Sauternes are rare and expensive prizes. For those of us with a more practical nature, there’s a world of sweet gems just waiting to be explored. Exotic, enticing and unforgettable, once you’ve experienced the dazzling variety of dessert wines produced around the globe there’s no turning back.

2000 Nightingale, California
A bright, clean, fresh, floral wine, Nightingale make for a lovely, lady-like drink. Although it is not the most complex and carefully crafted of liquid desserts, it is definitely among Napa Valley’s better buys. $$$

NV Framboise, California
Sweet and saucy, this is one of the wine world’s most fun drinks. The winery promotes it as a foolproof tool in the art of seduction. Valentine red in color its raspberry flavors practically leap from the glass to coat love-starved lips. Unless your guests are allergic to raspberries, you’re very likely to score when you serve this wine. $$

NV Muscat, Australia
One of Australia’s most beloved “stickies,” this rich, ruby Muscat sends an endless parade of decadent aromas and flavors across the palate, including rose petals, cherries and black tea. $

Curious & Ancient 20 Year Old Tawny Port, Portugal
Among the world’s oldest Tawny brands, the Curious & Ancient formula for success stretches all the way back to the 1930’s. Rose petals, honey, vanilla and cream – its aromas and flavors are as beautiful as a voluptuous young woman. $$$

2000 Dolce, California
The benchmark of American dessert wines, Dolce’s market savvy packaging and Napa Valley address probably contribute to its reputation. But make no mistake, the wine’s fine crafting is undeniable. And whether or not its reputation is inflated, Dolce is without a doubt a seductively rich, special occasion elixir. $$$$

2000 Vintage Port, Portugal
Mother Nature clearly smiled on Fonseca in 2000. A brawny, complex and vibrant drink, its flavors run the gamut from lemons and honey to dates to chili. Still young and wild, its underlying gamey quality hints at the mellow, nuance-rich wine that is sure to emerge after a few years in the bottle. $$$$

2001 Vidal Niagara Peninsula Icewine Proprietor’s Reserve, Canada
Icewine is elixer with which the Canadian wine industry truly shines and Jackson-Triggs’ rendition is hands down among the finest. Weighty on the palate, its apple and honey flavors coat the tongue with the wine’s mischief-inspiring sweet nectar. $$$$

2002 Lorenzhofer Riesling Eiswein, Germany
As Karlsmuhle’s stunning efforts demonstrate, Germany reigns supreme in the world of sweet white wines. Thick and sweet as passionfruit syrup, its vibrant tropical flavors speak of a land where palm trees sway in the salty breeze. Limes, coconut, ginger and plumeria flowers are only a few of this gorgeous Ice Wine’s captivating flavors. $$$$

2001 White Riesling, California
A beautiful wine, straw gold in color, Navarro’s White Riesling is like peaches and cream. Coating the palate with a sinfully slippery syrup, its juicy stone fruit flavors linger long. $$

2000 Barossa Botrytis Semillon, South Australia
This is a wine for adventurous palates. Although it lacks the rich creaminess of most finely crafted dessert wines, it makes up for polish with an exciting array of spicy and citrus flavors. $$

$ under 15USD
$$ 15-25USD
$$$ 25-50USD
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