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Can a simple drinking glass bring happiness? Anyone who inclines toward a negative response clearly has never toyed with the pleasures of Riedel’s sommelier series Burgundy stem, a glass designed to tempt the drinker to reach their tongue down the crystal’s curvaceous form to reach the red liquid waiting in the bowl.

Finally, an increasing number of manufacturers are discovering what Riedel has known for thirty celebrated years: in the highest level of glassmaking, form following function can be positively erotic. The following glasses offer more than a fad; they represent a new wave of creators unafraid to embrace sipping as an experience unto itself.

Rising out of the Arctic cold comes the Finnish Relations glassware by Konstantin Grcic. Clever in construction and sexy in design, each Relations glass features an interior ledge, perfect for measuring alcoholic content and planned for stacking without the risk of chips. The series also includes bowls for those who take their drinks with nibbles.

We love the mastery behind the Crystal Martini from the John Hardy Home collection. Designed with hot blooded men in mind, the glass features a twisted black palm wood stem to absorb the heat of the hand and prevent it from infiltrating the precious liquid in the glass’s crystal bowl.

Microwavable Murano? Now you’re talking! Rosanna Bowles, (do you really think something so practical would be made by a man?) has designed a line of hand blown Italian stallions made on the Island of Murano. But unlike most Murano, (fragile, delicate beauties), these glasses were made for washing. Yes, they are even dishwasher safe.

Additionally, Riedel, our guru of the glass, made this summer the launch of their new Bellini glass. A stem designed to arouse the senses for champagne and crushed peach – could glassware get any hotter?


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