A Menu for a Romantic St. Patrick's Day

A Romantic St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Romancing the Blarney Stone–a romantic St. Patrick’s Day menu by Diane Brown

Our favorite expert on romantic menus, Chef Diane Brown, created this romantic party plan. Funnily enough, she was challenged by a publicist to come up with a romantic St. Patrick’s Day menu. And this seductive meal for two is the result.

Certainly St. Patrick’s day is a celebration not generally associated with romantic love. But we believe that any occasion is a potential for romance. So we love it! It is a menu that celebrates the bud break of spring and the bounty of spring produce. That said, it’s definitely one of the heavier menus we’ve featured. So you’ll want to think about moderation when you indulge. But then again, this is a one-a-year occasion. So have fun with it, too!

From Champagne-laced beer cocktails to a gorgeous filet of Atlantic Salmon, this menu is packed with a surprising number of aphrodisiacs. And bit of Irish innovation. (Yes, it’s true, ingredients like salmon and leeks–even the humble potato–have aphrodisiac roots. Learn more about Irish aphrodisiacs.)

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day. And may it bring you a night of seduction.

The Romantic St. Patrick’s Day Menu:

Black Velvet

Irish Potato, Leek and Stout Stew

North Atlantic Salmon with Irish Butter Sauce

Get the party started with this traditional Irish cocktail:

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black velvet champagne cocktail
Black Velvet
Prep Time
5 mins
Total Time
5 mins

Cookbook author and aphrodisiac foods authority Diane Brown offers this Black Velvet cocktail recipe as the perfect accompaniment to a romantic Irish-themed meal. 

Course: aperitif, cocktails
Cuisine: Irish
Keyword: Black Velvet
Dish Type: Cocktail
Seasonal: St. Patrick's Day
Ingredient: Champagne
Servings: 1 quart
Created by: Diane Brown
  • 1/2 qt Guinness
  • 1/2 qt Champagne
  1. Combine Guinness and champagne in a tall chilled glass. Stir and serve.

View the Romancing the Blarney Stone intro and discover the inspiration behind this romantic St. Patrick’s Day menu



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