Metrokane's Red Rabbit

Metrokane’s Red Rabbit–for the stylish wine lover

Metrokane's Red RabbitWho doesn’t love a bunny? When Metrokane, a leader in home products, first introduced The Rabbit corkscrew, it got the news media (and wine lovers everywhere) hopping. The groundbreaking design essentially took the screw out of corkscrew, using a lever to extract the cork in 3 seconds flat-think of the number of bottles you can open in just 5 minutes! If you’ve ever had that post-party wrist ache (and we have), you need a Rabbit. And just in time for Christmas, we would like to present Metrokane’s Red Rabbit, a shiny little number in our favorite candy apple color. Now who on your Christmas list doesn’t need that?! Hippity hop over to your favorite wine retailer to pick one up or order from Amazon.

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