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PeopleTowels – the recyclable paper towel alternative

A PeopleTowels update

This product review was originally written in 2014. Unfortunately, PeopleTowels is no longer in business. We’ve kept the recommendation up because we still stand behind the concept and hope that this story will inspire our readers to create their own people towels and help slow global warming, one towel at a time. – July 2019

The paper towel alternative we all need

Nature is sexy. You know what isn’t sexy? Landfills. That’s why we’ve switched to PeopleTowels, the personal, portable hand towels. According to the PeopleTowels people, we each use about 3,000 paper towels outside the home each year. But by carrying one of their BYO towels, you can keep a nice chunk of paper out of landfills each year. (It will also help cut carbon emissions and save a quarter of a tree annually.) The recyclable towels are made of 100% organic cotton. They’re smaller and thinner than your average washcloth and extremely absorbent.

Why people towels?

The company was founded by Mary Wallace and Linda Lannon. Both women are passionate environmental advocates who were looking for ways to cut down on single-use products. Mary was introduced to the concept of personal towels in Japan. She thought it was something that was needed in the American market. The company was founded in 2009. And the ladies estimate that PeopleTowels have cut down on over 5 million pounds of waste with this simple paper towel alternative.

Being green is sexy

You can just use, refold and slip this genius paper towel alternative into your bag for next time. Or simply clip it to your messenger bag, backpack, fanny pack, whatever to let it air dry between uses. Worried about keeping it clean? PeopleTowels sells organic towel sacks for the germ-a-phobic.

The towels are sold by many major retailers, including Uncommon Goods and And PeopleTowels come in over a dozen different designs. Cost is about $6 for a single towel or $15.99 for a package of two plus a color coordinated towel sack. But if you want to really up your environmental game, you can make a custom order for towels printed with your personalized branding through the PeopleTowels website. Orders begin at a minimum of 100 and can be printed in up to four colors. Now that’s a way to make an environmental statement with your brand!


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