Recovery Water–because hydration just makes you feel good!

Recovery Water

This water will improve your life

Recovery WaterWe find our products to feature in a variety of ways. Sometimes we sample them at trade shows. Often they’re sent to us by an enthusiastic publicist. But once in a while, we find them by simply wandering through the grocery store looking for something new.

The last time we went for a wander, we found Recovery Water. We can’t believe a product this magnificent was just sitting there on a dusty shelf in the “water” aisle.

Made by Reliant, this enhanced water has us excited because it offers things all the other “smart” waters don’t. Instead of adding vitamins and minerals to improve your life in 100+ ways, and then flavorings to try to hide the vitamin flavors, this water just tries to hydrate you. And it is pretty darn successful, based on our experiments.

Why’s water so important?

We’ve extolled the virtues of water over and over. In fact, hydration with water is one of our 10 steps to getting sexy. We know it can be hard to get sufficient hydration, especially when you’re on the go. But water is incredibly important not only to your sexual health but your overall health! Hydration helps cells process at a higher level. In other words, your muscles will recover faster from physical stress if you drink Recovery Water.

What does Recovery Water do?

How? The company explains it as a patented electro-kinetic modification process. In layperson speak, it basically means that they’ve figured out how to increase the electrolytes without having to add stuff that alters the flavor. (If you’d like to know more, they’ve posted several published studies on the positive effects of Recovery Water on the Reliant website.) But we didn’t need to read the studies to notice that after drinking a bottle, not only was thirst quenched but our skin looked more plump and we felt great.

In addition to plain old, water flavor, it comes in all-natural flavors including Cucumber Mint, Mixed Berry and Grapefruit. Reliant recommends consuming two bottles per day for optimal results. We noticed remarkable effects after just one bottle. For more information and where to buy this wonder drink, visit the Recovery Water website.

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