the romance of sushi

Reading the Romance of Sushi–why you’ll love The Zen of Fish

the romance of sushiWhen our Editorial Director found a discarded copy of The Zen of Fish at a library book sale, she couldn’t have been more pleased (since she intended, but never got around to, buying the book when it was first released). But what none of us anticipated was how much we would all find ourselves completely sucked in to this tale unveiling sushi’s role in American cuisine. A story brilliantly told by Trevor Corson, author of The Secret Life of Lobsters, it is much more than an exploration of the history of an ingredient. Corson carefully layers his historical points into the story of a young woman finding herself as a student at America’s first sushi chef training academy. Even if you shudder at the thought of sucking down a raw fish, you will lap up every word of this exploration into sushi’s heart and soul.

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