Puddin' -- pudding recipes and more

Puddin’–for the love of all things creamy, smooth and comforting

Remembering a great NYC food spot

If you ever went to New York’s Puddin’, you understand how the humble dessert can be elevated to high art. The shop is now closed. But thankfully you can still do puddin’ at home thanks to publisher Spiegel & Grau. Hitting store shelves today, you can unlock the secrets to divine creaminess across America with Puddin’: Luscious and Unforgettable Puddings, Parfaits, Pudding Cakes, Pies, and PopsPuddin'--for the love of all things creamy, smooth and comforting 1.

Our book review

The book is laid out much like the store menu. Starting with classic flavors–chocolate pudding is a must–exploring exotics like roasted cashew pudding and apricot-scented rice pudding then veering off into toppings. But what guide to pudding would be complete without recipes that involve layers of rich, homemade pudding? That’s right, from a comforting vanilla cake layered with buttercream and vanilla pudding to key lime pudding cheesecake, this book has revisited and reinvented pudding in just about every imaginable form. Recipes are easy to follow and results could win you some delicious rewards.

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