Castell d'Age Cuvee "Anne Marie" a premium Cava from Spain

Premium Cava Perfect for Celebrations

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with Amy Reiley

You’re probably already familiar with Spanish sparkling wine, or Cava. But the wines you most likely know are the ones from two or three producers that are priced around the ten-dollar mark. Don’t get me wrong, I drink my share of them, too! These are perfect, dry and reasonably sophisticated sparkling wines for the price. But Spanish winemakers are also capable of producing sparkling wines that compete with the best of the best in the world. One house making premium Cava is Castell d’Age. And if you like sparkling wine, this is a winery I think you should get to know.

Castell d’Age is known as a Spanish pioneer in organic winemaking. Three generations of women are credited with nurturing this unique winery into a fully biodymanic sparkling wine house. A family-run operation, it is truly an anomaly in Spain’s Cava industry–and one that produces wines guaranteed to imprint themselves into your memory. Castell d’Age produces several memorable wines but at present only two are available in the United States.

The wines

Castell d'Age Cuvee "Anne Marie" a premium Cava from Spain2013 Castell d’Age Cava Aurèlia Brut Nature Gran Reserva
This wine feels weighty on the tongue yet it crosses the palate with a whisper of elegance. A truly lady-like wine–but a strong lady–it offers fresh, grape and crisp apple flavors and a delicious, lime zest bite of acidity.

N.V. Castell d’Age Cava Cuvee Anne Marie Brut Nature
My favorite of this wine’s many lovely attributes is its length. It lingers long with flavors of fresh roasted nuts. Its restrained yeasty, bread doughy notes on the palate makes it a perfect food wine and that nutty finish makes it a match for dinner or dessert.


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