Port is an aphrodisiac

Port is an Aphrodisiac

A love affair with Port

When I think of autumn, for some reason my first thought is of the crispness the brisk fall wind brings to the air. The changing of the seasons means first frosts and evenings in front of the fire. For me, it also represents a change in the styles of wine I choose to drink. In autumn, my annual love affair with Port, the rich, fortified style that puts Portugal on the winemaking map, returns.

Port is an aphrodisiac?

Its weight and richness always warms me to my toes. Not surprisingly, Port is considered among the wine world’s top aphrodisiacs. That’s right. Port is an aphrodisiac. What more reason would you need to ward off winter chill with a little nip?

The recommendations:

Croft Distinction Special Reserva
Super jammy with a hit up front of juicy raspberry and a lingering black currant, this is one of those generous ports perfect for sharing round the bonfire. $$

Delaforce Colheita
A complex yet elegant wine, this is truly a lady’s drink. Although lovers of fruit-forward, weighty Ports might find it too delicate, its lively acid and honey and floral notes make it a great cross-over into the world of fortified wines. $$$

Port is an aphrodisiacDelaforce Tawny Port His Eminence’s Choice
Delicious and dessert-like – a glass of crème caramel. Though it is rich with sweetness, it has wonderful acidity and finishes with lightness and just a lingering hint of roasted nuts. $$

Fonseca Forty Year Old Tawny
Deep, rich and highly evolved, this wine is unforgettable. Though its weight coats the tongue, it still offers the kind of acidity that makes the wine dance in the mouth. Its flavors are reminiscent of golden raisins and toasted cashew. $$$$

Fonseca Ten Year Tawny
Beautifully bronze in color, this handsome wine smacks of rich honey and toasted nuts with syrup-like fruit flavors of golden raisin. It is the perfect wine to serve with a snack of hard, aged cheese. $$$

2001 Fonseca Quinta do Panascal
Cedar and spice give this wine a taste of winter. Its fruit flavors are dark and rich, like blackberries and black raspberries, with tannins as smooth as fine silk. $$$$

2000 Taylor Late Bottle Vintage
Deep, deliciously ruby in color, this wine has beautiful currant and strawberry flavors and fine grain tannins. $$

2001 Taylor Quinta de Vargellas
If one word had to be used to describe this wine, it would be complex. It begins with juniper berry on the nose, but quickly moves to ripe, black fruits and just a hint of smoke. $$$$

Taylor First Estate Reserve
Gleaming in the glass with the color of blackberry jam, the wine’s aromas and flavors hint of prune and blueberry with surprising freshness and tongue-tingling acid. $$

Taylor Thirty Year Old Tawny
As delicious as freshly baked pie, this wine’s aromas and flavors run from black cherry to rich caramel. Bright and surprisingly fresh, its sweetness teases the tip of the tongue, but finishes with a much more mellow, almost vanilla richness. $$$$

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$$ 15-25USD
$$$ 25-50USD
$$$$ over 50USD


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