Healthee Organic Turmeric Drink

Organic Turmeric Drink from Healthee

Healthee Organic Turmeric Drink

What is turmeric?

You’ve probably heard the name. But you may still have no idea what exactly it is. Turmeric is one of the hottest ingredients of the moment. Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and one of history’s finest aphrodisiacs. Trouble is, most of us aren’t sure how to use it. So when we discovered Healthee, a company specializing in organic turmeric beverages, we couldn’t wait to bring it to you. The manufacturer created the drink to deliver the greatest number of turmeric’s health benefits as possible. You see, the reason turmeric is suddenly all the rage is because it packs an enormous number of health benefits with its mildly exotic flavor. Turmeric is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as a high anti-oxidant content. It reduces cholesterol. And it is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as an aid in cancer prevention.

Turmeric has a flavor that isn’t all too familiar to Westerners. It is used, both medicinally and in cooking in India and Southeast Asia. But the good folks at Healthee made sure their turmeric drink is formulated both with health benefits and with a delicious flavor. Made from a blend of turmeric extract combine with ginger juice and cane juice, (there’s also a cinnamon variety), Organic Turmeric offers a sweet and spicy drinking experience that also does the body good.



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