One Minute Beauty Fitness with the Bella Lip Appliance

One Minute Beauty Fitness?–how mouth exercises can make you sexy

A dentist’s discovery

Last week I was introduced to Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari. Dr. Bakhtiyari is a dentist who, several years ago, stumbled upon what may be beauty-industry genius. While working on creating an appliance to aid patients with sleep apnea and TMJ issues, she inadvertently created a beauty aid that could be a real game changer. You see, the TMJ jaw exercising appliance Dr. Bakhtiyari created had some startling side effects. It makes lips fuller and jaw muscles firm. (Resulting in a more sculpted jaw line.) Realizing that she was on something revolutionary for the beauty industry, Dr. Bakhtiyari dubbed it “beauty fitness” and set to work creating all-natural route to facial health. 

Her invention, now packaged and called the Bella Lip Appliance, hits the market today. It uses all of Dr. Bakhtiyari’s research in a patented, BPA-free, medical grade gadget with the potential to strengthen all 57 facial muscles. Basically, it works out your face the way a Stairmaster works your lower body. This is why the doctor calls it “beauty fitness.” But the best news is, she says you only have to use it for one minute per day for optimal results. We all can find one minute in our day to improve our mouths, cheeks, tongues and jaws!

It’s an aphrodisiac

So what does this have to do with aphrodisiacs? Well, I took one of the Bella Lip Appliances home and tried it for the past week. And I have come to the conclusion that this device just might be an aphrodisiac itself. First of all, it strengthens all the muscles you need to use to chew, kiss and even whisper sweet nothings. And I’ve been told that just watching a woman strengthen her pout with this funny looking little device has an aphrodisiac effect on men.

You see, to use the Bella Lip Appliance, you put each of the plastic ends of the device on your lips. Then you make repetitive, (perhaps Tantric?), chewing motions. I feel ridiculous doing it and I’ve only tried it when nobody is looking. But I hope to one day come out of the closet and experiment with that effect for myself.

On top of this bizarre and unexpected side effect, this appliance has some very real results for which I deem it unquestionably aphrodisiac. Ir really does make your lips look more full. I can feel it strengthen my tongue and cheeks as well. I can’t yet speak to whether it will give me a sexy jawline, as I’ve only been using it for 5 days, but I have high hopes for the future. As for beauty fitness, I can confirm that using this device for a minute a day makes my mouth feel thoroughly worked out and, ultimately, stronger.

Start your beauty fitness routine

The appliance is expensive, but far less so than the injections it has the potential to replace. Although the Bella Lip Appliance looks like a fairly flimsy little exercise tool, Dr. Bakhtiyari tells me that she’s been testing the device for over five years and assures me that my mouthpiece will last at least that long, even with daily use.

For more information and to get started on your “beauty fitness” regime, visit the Bella Lip Appliance website.


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