Three Bottles of DaVero Olive Oil

DaVero: olive oil in paradise

Until very recently, I would be sadly disappointed if the bread presented to me in a restaurant was accompanied by olive oil for dipping. I LOVE bread and considered butter to be its perfect partner. But that was before Davero olive oil came to my table.

My first bite of bread dipped in Davero olive oil was a real revelation. The mouthful of fruity flavors from fresh olives finished off with a tickle of pepper. I was in love.

And to think that this heavenly elixir was made in my backyard, Sonoma County, CA. That should not be a surprise because so many of the world’s most orgasmic things to eat are produced so close to my home.

All the world knows about Sonoma County wine. But do they know about the cheese, the fruits and vegetables, the lamb?

I could go on and on. And now add to that list, Davero olive oil! I live in paradise.

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