NitroBrew–for cocktails with texture


NitroBrewCocktails with texture? Yes, we say, YES! In the past, the only good way to get a silky texture in a well-built cocktail was with egg white. But in our vegan-loving, bacteria-fearing world, egg white has fallen out of fashion. But we love a cocktail with a creamy, silken texture. It’s one of the sexiest ways to experience a drink. That’s why we’re featuring NitroBrew, a device that nitrogenates beverages. The gadget was originally created to reduce carbonization in beer while energizing it with nitrogen. (Think draft brew with a pillow top.) It also allows for infusion of a drink with spices and extracts, like a cardamom and rosewater beer or an orange essence lager. But beyond beer, NitroBrew can turn a double shot of espresso into a dairy-free affogato–now that’s an eye opener! It also works on tea for a frothy Earl Gray. The folks behind this industrious culinary contraption also recommend trying a NitroBrewed Boilermaker and several other spirited cocktails. The secret to NitroBrew’s unique concoctions is in the nitrogen. Unlike CO2, nitrogen bubbles are tiny and long lasting with a perceived softness, making them roll across the tongue in a river of plushness. Although NitroBrew was created for sale to bars and cafes, the device is available for home use. Although it looks like a mad scientist’s kit, it is surprisingly easy to use and will spark your creative side.

For more information and ordering, visit the NitroBrew website.

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