Nicaragua: The Next Hot Spot for Luxury Travel

Nicaragua is hot these days, and it’s especially steamy for those who crave exotic travel. When you think about travel to Nicaragua over these next ten years, think Belize in the 1990s or Costa Rica in the 1980s – places known to the travel savvy set for the quiet beaches, the warm hospitality, and exquisite luxury all complemented by the aura of exclusivity. Enter Mukul Luxury Resort & Spa.

This spot to have mind is about to open in February 2013 on a hideaway beach along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua’s southern Pacific side. Mukul means “secret” in the Mayan language. It’s a remote and intimate resort on an endless coved beach anchoring the luxury vacation enclave of Guacalito de la Isla. And it’s all owned by Carlos Pellas, one of the the wealthiest names in the Central America… Get the full story


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