This Tool Helps You Plan Your Dream Wine Country Vacation 1

This Tool Helps You Plan Your Dream Wine Country Vacation

Get ready to get organized

Have you seen Oenomad? (pronounced eeno-mad) This new website and app is designed to help you choose the perfect itinerary for a wine country vacation. (The website currently includes wineries in Napa, Sonoma and the San Francisco Bay area with plans to expand to several more popular wine destinations soon.)

Update: Since we first published this article in September 2017, Oenomad added several Wine Country vacation destinations to their map. You can now use the site to plan your next wine tasting trips from Sonoma all the way south to San Benito and Monterrey. 

But how does it work? Say for example, you want to go to Sonoma and you only want to visit wineries offering dessert wines. Oenomad can prepare your list. You can then refine by price, amenities, winery size, style of architecture and even the vibe of the place. You only want to visit small wineries with a relaxed atmosphere? Done!

Screenshot of how Oenomad helps you plan the perfect wine country vacation





It’s also helpful for planning a trip when you have special needs, like a family reunion trip. Say you need to find 5 wineries fairly close together that are kiddie friendly. Or you want to make sure wineries can handle your group of 20. You can do all the things that used to take several phone calls with a couple of clicks. We love it! Oenomad won’t help you plan your accommodation or take care of a designated driver, but it pretty much does everything else to get your itinerary in order.

But wait, there’s more

Users have the opportunity to take notes, leave public reviews and photos for other users and easily share their info via social media. You can mark all of your favorite destinations, as well as keep private notes on all of your favorite wines for a future wine country vacation. Wine tasting has never been so organized! Oh and you know what’s great about being organized? It’s so sexy! Get organized at


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