natura culina–a moisturizing skin scrub good enough to eat

lavender chocolate body scrubWe believe in a holistic approach to aphrodisiacs. We want everyone to be their best self from the inside out. Of course, it takes a little care to give the outside its special glow. We believe the process begins with the right foods. But sometimes the right ingredients can be applied topically. And for that, we have fallen in love with Natural Culina’s all-natural, organic skin care products featuring some of our favorite culinary ingredients. Although the shea butters are nice for keeping your skin soft day to day, our favorite product in the line is the layered body scrub made from sugar, chocolate and lavender. It uses coconut oil and the antioxidants of cocoa to detoxify and improve skin health while the sugar scrub gives you a natural glow. And the aroma of pure chocolate and lavender? Let’s just say you’ll be good enough to eat!

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