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My Pink Valentine, a Bubbly Affair

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I look for any excuse to drink pink wine. I also look for any reason to pop the top on a bottle of Champagne. The Valentine month (because why not make it a whole month? There isn’t much else to look forward to in February!) provides the perfect excuse to indulge in both of my favorite vices in one. That’s right, I’m talking pink sparkling wine–yep, it’s a bubbly affair. Whether you want the budget version or a wallet-busting bottle of deliciousness, here are some of my favorite picks for making the winter a little warmer.

Louis Bouillot
Perle d’Aurore Rose
You cannot find a better value for the money in a bottle of blushing bubbly. I love this cheap date (around $14/bottle) for its fine bubbles and fresh, strawberry fruit.

NV Brut Rose
A pretty pink from American shores, this Brut Rose offers both body and elegance with a seductive truffle note at the back of the palate.

bubbly affairChartogne-Taillet
NV Brut Rose
This is a pretty wine with delightful freshness for something in the mid-price range. I like its light raspberry and pomegranate notes along with its lemon peel zestiness.

Louis Roederer
2004 Brut Rose
One of the most affordable bottles of vintage bubbly, I love this Champagne for its voluptuous body, raspberry fruit and a grounding, earthy note on the finish.

Pol Roger
2002 Brut Rose
If you have a spare $100 burning a hole in your pocket, I can’t think of many better ways to spend it than on this sexy number with its faint sweetness and strawberry, raspberry and red currant flavors.

2002 Fleur De Champagne Rose
This is the bottle to buy the day you pop the question (I think I’d say yes to anything asked of me while sipping this wine!). The wine has great depth, a creamy mouthfeel, dreamy lemon and raspberry flavor and the kind of finish that lingers all night.


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