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The Mugnaini Oven–every chef’s dream

If an oven could be an aphrodisiac, the Mugnaini oven would be it. These famously efficient, wood burning ovens are completely unnecessary for keeping your family fed but they’re the kind of accessory every chef and home cook craves.

The Mugniani oven comes in designs for both indoor and outdoor use. We love that they add a touch of the European countryside to your home. But even though they’re pretty, aesthetics are not really what they’re all about.

Why chefs love them

The Mugnaini Oven--loved by chefs and home cooksMugniani ovens heat exceedingly quickly. (They can get to about 1,000 degrees in an hour, thanks to an internal flue.) And their dome design provides natural convection, helping food to cook evenly. Best of all, they’re built to be low-maintenance.

They’re good looking, user-friendly and can easily be adjusted from pizza temperature to one suitable for roasting. In fact, although it isn’t a product to replace your traditional oven, indulging in one of these wood burning beauties will probably find your gas/electric oven getting lonesome as you perfect your technique of stoking Mugnaini’s flames.

Made in America

Although this is one of my more aspirational product recommendations, (believe me, I’m still dreaming of the day I get one), a Mugnaini oven is a purchase you can feel good about. The ovens are made in the USA by an American-owned, family company. Their passion is for customer service and they treat each customer like an individual. In fact, if you want to get up close with these sexy beasts of ovens, you should plan a visit to the Mugnaini factory in Healdsburg, CA–deep in the heart of Wine Country. Their showroom is also a cooking school, where guests can experience the wonders of Mugnaini firsthand.

Learn more

To start planning your wood burning experience, visit the Mugnaini Oven website.


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