Discover the history of bordellos and aphrodisiac mushrooms at Mendocino's Kelley House Museum

Mendocino’s Kelley House Museum has Everything You Need to Know About Bars, Bordellos and Mushrooms

How could we pass up an event called Bars, Bordellos and Mushrooms? Especially when the event description promises an evening of aphrodisiac mushrooms? This night of naughtiness, put on by Mendocino’s Kelley House Museum on November 4, 2017, is going straight to our bucket list!

Step back in time

The event is part of Mendocino’s annual Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival. And it promises to celebrate the history of the town at it’s Wild West heyday. Although Mendocino today seems like a perfect haven for hippies, homesteaders and mushroom foragers, the sleepy town was once a rough and ready logging town. In the 1800’s, this tiny town boasted as many as twenty bars–most of which doubled as bordellos.

The Kelly House Museum’s event promises to bring back the ribald fun of the era, (minus the rent a room by the hour aspect). The sensual fun of the evening will include a talk by Eric Schramm on the aphrodisiac history of mushrooms in the area. The adults-only event will begin at 5pm with aphrodisiac mushroom appetizers and wine. The cost to dive into the dirtier days of Mendocino is only $20 per ticket–a bucket list bargain if you ask us!

Don’t miss out

For more information, visit the Kelley House website. And to explore additional events of the Mendocino Mushroom Wine & Beer Festival, visit


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