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Matcha on the Go – a convenient way to get your matcha fix

The tradition of matcha

Matcha enjoys a long history as an aphrodisiac brew. (The drink’s history dates back to the 12th century.) This traditional, Japanese green tea drink is also celebrated as an excellent source of antioxidants and insoluble fiber. In addition, it offers the body iron, calcium and potassium. But this tea is one to be enjoyed slowly, made carefully and ceremoniously. So is it really possible to have single-serve powdered green tea packets?

Traditionally, the Japanese green tea is prepared with a whisk and a bowl–requiring both time and special tools. The resulting drink is uniquely frothy and like no other tea you’ve tried. But in our always-on-the-go world, most of us opt for a tea bag and a to-go cup. Unfortunately, bagged green tea offers about half (if not less) the health and aphrodisiac benefits of the ceremonial green tea.

Enter the game changer

Oh but the game has just changed! Aiya, a popular manufacturer of high quality green tea powders, now sells Matcha To Go.

Single-serve packets

You can just pour one of the individual serving-sized pouches into that to-go cup and take it on the run. Bye-bye tea bag! True, it lacks the light, frothy, textural element of true matcha. But, for an almost completely authentic ceremonial experience, you can add this convenient, single-serve powder to hot water and whip with an electric milk frother. Too easy! Matcha To Go also works in cold water, just add to your 16oz bottle and prepare to reap the benefits and the buzz of this nutritious, not to mention pleasingly caffeinated, low-calorie beverage.

We’re in love. To discover exactly why we’ve developed a matcha addiction, visit the Aiya website and try these single-serve packets for yourself.

Try a green tea cocktail

And if you love green tea, why not try it in a cocktail with this mouthwatering recipe for Spicy Green Tea Rum Punch.


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