A Smooth and Subtle Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Smooth and Subtle Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

2017 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Wine of the Week with Annette Tomei

Recently I wrote about my love of Old World-style wines. However, there are times when ripe tropical fruits and easy, breezy simplicity beckons. Of course, this becomes even more enjoyable when they possess a bit of finesse and complexity. That’s why I’ve selected this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc as my Wine of the Week.

Sauvignon Blanc is so popular it is nearly synonymous with the term white wine. The range in flavor and quality can be great. Yet, this grape remains consistently reliable and thrives wherever it is grown throughout the world.

New Zealand produces some of the most commercially successful Sauvignon Blanc in the world. Some of the best come from Marlborough. These Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs are known and loved for their abundance of exotic fruit aromas, floral herbs rather than grassy notes, and long citrusy finishes. Some can be a bit in-your-face, as some New World-style wines will do. Yet, there are some with a bit more refinement.

A Smooth and Subtle Marlborough Sauvignon BlancAbout this wine

From the first approach, the character of this wine is evident. Subtle but ripe pear, peach, and juicy mango aromas beckon. On the palate, layers of tropical and exotic notes emerge. Sweet-tart passion fruit, and guava develop into a citrusy hint of lime and elderflower. This is a medium-light body wine with only 12.5% ABV. It is pleasantly tart and delicate with a smooth mouthfeel.

Food is not required to enjoy this easy sipper, but if you choose to take it to dinner, pair it with equally delicate flavors. Simple shellfish preparations or tender spring-like veggies would be best. Try seared scallops with a fragrant emulsion of Meyer lemon juice and buttery extra virgin olive oil. A salad of shaved asparagus, mild goat cheese, and other crisp farmers’ market finds would also be lovely.

The verdict

I found this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc a refreshing change from bolder, more intensely forward Sauvignon Blancs I’ve tasted recently. At around $10/bottle the price is right for a weeknight pour. It’s bottled with a screw cap, so it’s easy to keep for another day if all you wanted was a single glass after work. Smooth and subtle can be just what you need for a mid-week wind down.

Check Wine Searcher for where you can purchase this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.


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