Making Vegan Food Accessible

Making Vegan Food Accessible–don’t be afraid!

Why “vegan” might be misunderstood

by Cassandra Oxley

A recent study shows that “vegan” is the least appealing of all food terms. In the study, a technology and media called company Morning Consult polled consumers on a series of terms, asking whether the terminology made food seem more or less appealing. The word vegan automatically turned off 35% of the participants! Only 17% found the term appealing. But the actual concept of vegan food? Well, it’s really quite appealing, especially to anyone who wants to improve their libido. So we’re making vegan food accessible, for the planet and your sex life.

There are approximately 8 million Americans who have at one time been vegans. (Veganism is defined as a diet devoid of animal products, including eggs, dairy and even honey.) Many people turn to veganism because of the taste, the health benefits and for humanitarian reasons. After all, an organic, meatless diet puts less impact on the planet. And it isn’t necessarily true that vegans are more healthy than those who eat animal products. But vegan diets tend to be more rich in nutrients. (Notably, the average vegan diet is rich in many of the nutrients most essential to sexual health.) However, at times, staying on a vegan diet can be a challenge. This is especially true when eating out. But perhaps there are options that you hadn’t considered?

More options every day

The production of vegan foods is on the rise. And manufacturers are increasingly making vegan foods accessible. The plant based market is set to take control of one-third of the food market by 2050. Vibrant changes have been shaping up in the hospitality industry to cater for all diets including veganism. To remain competitive caterers are carefully selecting dishes that include a variety of exciting vegan ingredients. And now even Walmart has a whole section devoted to vegans. It includes creamy spicy burritos, a very buttery butter substitute and protein-packed quinoa.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

Vegan Morning Mango Nice Cream RecipeWe all love variety in our food and we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are two ways to pamper and indulge vegans at breakfast. The first option is useful if you need to show your special someone that you care about them starting the day with a healthy hit of vitamins. Try a colorful Morning Mango Nice Cream (pictured)–inventive, healthy and something those among us are vegan shy would enjoy. A plethora of vitamins can be found in this mango, banana and blueberry combination. For Sunday mornings, which require a bit more romancing, why not start the day with indulgence? Waffles, non-dairy ice cream and hazelnut spread make the perfect breakfast in bed treat.

Conquer Lunch in 5 minutes

Half of workers take 30 minutes or less of their allocated lunch hour, while a disturbing 29% of workers ‘just keep working’ through lunch. Whatever the reason it is clear that a quick, healthy vegan lunch can be a challenge when you have a hectic work day. Try this perfect trick that takes less than 15 minutes: Smash a half a cup of chickpeas with half of a ripe avocado, season with salt and roll into lettuce wraps. It’s a complete meal that’s perfectly crunchy, healthy and ready in 5 minutes or less.

Making vegan food accessible at dinner time

Making Vegan Food AccessiblePeople use cooking to show loved ones how they feel, to nurture, to entertain and to spend time together. Learning to cook a dish can be challenging and exciting. However, the time spent in the kitchen preparing food with others is equally important. Adapting an old family recipe and recreating a vegan friendly roasted veggie strudel or a vegan lamb roast with pomegranate molasses as an alternative to a lamb roast is a fun inventive place to start.

Making vegan food accessible can be exciting. Don’t think of the process as making a bowl of raw veggies “taste good.” But think of it as a genuinely innovative cooking exercise. With a little thought and planning, there are many ways to enjoy vegan food. Banish the thought that veganism is boring or limited and expand your ideas by searching out recipes that inspire and excite the taste buds. If you need more inspiration, a good starting place is Pinterest. The social sharing site is packed with vibrant food images to spark your interest. Soon you’ll be thinking like a vegan. A good place to start is The Big, Big Vegan Food Board.


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