A Wine Preservation System You Can Count On

wine preservation systemSomehow, no matter what linguistics we use to introduce this product, we sound like we’re pimping feminine products. But throw out any subconscious preconception and get ready for a product to change your wine experience forever. Read more

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne Sealer

Metrokane Rabbit Champagne SealerOur test kitchen is loaded with gadgets but Metrokane’s Rabbit Champagne Sealer easily hits our top 10. What sets it apart from other sparkling wine stoppers (most of which we’ve deemed all but useless), is the twist top. Read more

Collapse-It for Better Food Storage

collapse-it food storage containersYou may have already seen these food storage containers but we want to tell you why you need them. Collapse-It are silicone food storage containers that put an end to storage problems because they (obviously) collapse. Each container squishes to less than half the original size–with the lid attached. Read more

Eco-Max Natural Lemongrass Helps You Clean Up Your Act

eco-max lemongrass all-purpose cleanerDirty is not sexy. Neither are chemicals and additives and the aromas they leave behind? Libido killers! So although you might not think that a household cleaner fits with a website focused on the romantic side of life, Eco-Max is our kind of company… to the Max. Read more


NitroBrew–for cocktails with texture

NitroBrewCocktails with texture? Yes, we say, YES! In the past, the only good way to get a silky texture in a well-built cocktail was with egg white. But in our vegan-loving, bacteria-fearing world, egg white has fallen out of fashion. Read more