We have an addiction. An addiction to books. Cookbooks, coffee table books, ebooks, art books, food fiction–you name it; we need it. Here’s a look at what we’ve been reading and why you might need it too. In this list of books for food lovers, you’re sure to find something you want.

Puddin' -- pudding recipes and more

Puddin'--for the love of all things creamy, smooth and comforting

Remembering a great NYC food spot If you ever went to New York's…
What's for dinner? by Curtis Stone

What's for Dinner? this cookbook from Curtis Stone makes meals easy

When a chef becomes a family man Curtis Stone is one of the…
kiss my bundt

Spring for Bundt! celebrating the new cookbook from Chrysta Wilson

Mother's day is almost here. In case you haven't yet found mom…
Romancing the Stove

Romancing the Stove: stoke the valentine flame the whole year though

In these most romantic days of the year did you really think…
Jacket cover for the food memoir The Apprentice

Summer Reading for Food Lovers

Since summer is the season to take a break from your busy life…