Goddess Garden’s New Lip Balm Will Make You More Kissable

Goddess Garden Lavender Mint Lip BalmThis one’s gonna make you want to pucker up!

We just tried Goddess Garden’s lip balm in (aphrodisiac) Lavender Mint. We should love this lip balm for the fact that it’s made from all-natural ingredients. What we should be cheering for is the fact that it’s a beeswax-free, organic and vegan product to make lips their most luscious. We should be telling you how fantastic it is to find a lightweight balm with SPF 30 sun protection from natural minerals. And how you’re going to love the silk, lightweight feel of this balm on your perfect pout. Read more

Castor Oil for Full Body Care–the things your grandma never told you about her favorite oil

Castor Oil is great for skin care | Eat Something SexyIt’s true what they say, you learn something every day. And today we learned that grandma never taught us all the benefits for castor oil. She would force it on us to get our gastrointestinal systems moving smoothly when we were kids. But maybe she was keeping the other secret about castor oil to herself: it’s great for your skin, hair and defying aging. (No wonder Granny looked so good!) Read more

Avocado Face Mask–feel sexy with this amazing salad for your face

Avocado Face Mask from FarmHouse Fresh is an aphrodisiac for your face

Guac Star

Have you ever been to a party where the best thing about it was the goody bag. Well, we have more than one of those stories. But this is the first time the goody bag was so good that it inspired us to feature a product we got as a party favor! A beauty mask might not sound like the greatest goody ever on the surface. But after you’ve tried the avocado face mask from FarmHouse Fresh, you’ll understand.

Guac Star, a hydrating mask made from avocado, is 99% natural, (although not vegan). It has a surprisingly plush, buttery feel as it’s applied thanks to the vitamin-rich oil in the avocado. (Don’t forget that avocado is a legendary aphrodisiac and a great source of vitamin E, aka The Sex Vitamin.) True, the mask is a mildly off-putting shade of green but once you feel it tingle on your skin as it inspires a natural glow, you’ll go colorblind. In addition to the aforementioned avocado, the mask contains goji berry and antioxidant rich pomegranate as well as green tea, which is an anti-irritant. The maker says the mask is gentle enough to use every day. But we find that once a week makes for deliciously soft, moisture-rich skin. And if you think sexy skin is only for ladies, think again. This mask is so light on fragrance and so heavy on the feel good factor that the boys enjoy it’s hydrating effects just as much as the girls.

The People Behind the Product

After this introduction, we discovered that FarmHouse Fresh is part of a real, legitimate ranch in Texas. All of the company’s products are packed full of real ingredients from American farms, including their own. They make a wide variety of skincare products from raw ingredients from foot scrubs to a pigment lightening serum. And for those who like their beauty with a side of altruism, every purchase goes toward helping rescue animals. For more information, visit FarmHouse Fresh.


Bacon Toothpaste: bacon before bed?

bacon toothpasteFull disclosure: it’s a little weird! A few members of the staff think I’m insane for featuring this but, hey, bacon is big. That’s why I want to feature  Mr. Bacon’s Bacon Toothpaste from Archie McPhee & Co. Read more

AeroLife–A New Way to do Nutrition

Aerolife Nutrition Sport Formulation What is air-based nutrition? That’s what we said when we first heard about AeroLife. Well, the best way we can explain it is that it’s fast-acting (and tasty) nutrient particles that are inhaled. Read more