One Minute Beauty Fitness with the Bella Lip Appliance

One Minute Beauty Fitness?--how mouth exercises can make you sexy

A dentist's discovery Last week I was introduced to Dr. Maryam…
Fragrances of Wine--wine-inspired perfumes from Provence

Fragrances of Wine: wine-inspired perfume from Provence

We first brought you Fragrances of Wine when the line launched…
lip freak

Lip Freak from Doctor Lip Bang

Your lips need this When I came upon a couple of hipsters passing…
Travalo Travel Atomizer - a TSA-approved, refillable carrier for fragrances in a rainbow of colors

A Travel Atomizer for Sexy On-the-Go

Take your favorite scent wherever you go Your own unique scent…
Recovery Water

Recovery Water--because hydration just makes you feel good!

This water will improve your life We find our products to feature…