Fire Cider–a New England tonic from apple cider vinegar and spice

fire ciderApple cider vinegar is an old, New England remedy for just about everything from allergy relief to hangover cure. But cider vinegar is also known to promote digestion. Although it’s a chef’s favorite, a shot of cider vinegar on it’s own is not exactly an enticing flavor. That’s why we’re in love with Shire City Herbals Fire Cider, my favorite non-alcoholic aperitif. It’s also our team’s favorite health defense during the winter (germ) months!

What is fire cider?

Fire Cider is a traditional New England recipe for tonic used through the ages to treat a variety of ills. But most Fire Cider recipes are barely palatable at best. Read more

A Better Night’s Sleep Will Keep You Sexy

Get a better night's sleep with the Total Sleep Mask SystemWe’re always looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep. Of course, we prefer all-natural methods but they can be hard to come by. Or so we thought before we discovered the Total Sleep Mask System.  Read more


Recovery Water–because hydration just makes you feel good!

This water will improve your life

Recovery WaterWe find our products to feature in a variety of ways. Sometimes we sample them at trade shows. Often they’re sent to us by an enthusiastic publicist. But once in a while, we find them by simply wandering through the grocery store looking for something new. Read more

Goddess Garden’s New Lip Balm Will Make You More Kissable

Goddess Garden Lavender Mint Lip BalmThis one’s gonna make you want to pucker up!

We just tried Goddess Garden’s lip balm in (aphrodisiac) Lavender Mint. We should love this lip balm for the fact that it’s made from all-natural ingredients. What we should be cheering for is the fact that it’s a beeswax-free, organic and vegan product to make lips their most luscious. We should be telling you how fantastic it is to find a lightweight balm with SPF 30 sun protection from natural minerals. And how you’re going to love the silk, lightweight feel of this balm on your perfect pout. Read more

Castor Oil for Full Body Care–the things your grandma never told you about her favorite oil

Castor Oil is great for skin care | Eat Something SexyIt’s true what they say, you learn something every day. And today we learned that grandma never taught us all the benefits for castor oil. She would force it on us to get our gastrointestinal systems moving smoothly when we were kids. But maybe she was keeping the other secret about castor oil to herself: it’s great for your skin, hair and defying aging. (No wonder Granny looked so good!) Read more