Can a simple product give you a better body? Not all of them. But our personal care product reviews can guide you toward some of the product that will make your life a little more fun–and they just might help with that improvement you’re looking for.

We’ve road-tested every product on this list. And whether it’s a new lip-plumping gloss or a drink guaranteed to hydrate we know that everything in our personal care product reviews actually gets results. And if you have a product you want us to try, let us know about it!

Closeup of Fire Cider label

Fire Cider - healing tonic and more!

What is fire cider? Apple cider vinegar is an old, New England…
Closeup of the label on Sports Research castor oil

Castor Oil for Full Body Care - things your grandma never told you

Castor oil is amazing It's true what they say, you learn something…
Closeup of Honu Sunscreen Label

Honu Sunscreen is Our Favorite New Thing this Summer

This sunscreen is the product of the summer The fact that not…
Avocado Face Mask from FarmHouse Fresh is an aphrodisiac for your face

Avocado Face Mask - feel sexy with this delectable salad for your face

Guac Star - this avocado face mask taps into the fruit's healing…
Get a better night's sleep with the Total Sleep Mask System

How to Get Better Sleep with this Simple Tool

Getting better sleep will keep you sexy We're always looking…