Veestro vegetarian meal delivery

Let Veestro Meal Delivery Give Your Body & Mind a Break

We originally posted this review of Veestro meal delivery in November of 2014, shortly after its launch. This food delivery has managed to remain strong in a market that gets more crowded every day. Veestro’s dedication to organic, preservative-free ingredients and their niche in plant-based, delivered meals have kept them at the top of the game. We loved their somewhat funky, meatless meal selection. And we were surprised by the quality and flavor of these ready-made meals. That’s why we’ve gone back and updated this article, in hopes of reminding you that this option for a cooking-free, healthy meal exists. 

What is Veestro?

Have you heard of Veestro meal delivery? Veestro is a new service started by a brother and sister team who believe that a healthy, “home cooked” meal should be a daily indulgence. Although the meals aren’t exactly cooked in your home, Veestro’s delivery service makes eating quality, healthy, balanced meals one of the simplest things you’ll do in your day.

Vegetarian meal delivery?

What sets Veestro apart from the competition is not only that their meals are of high quality but Veestro meal delivery is vegetarian. (Don’t worry, you won’t miss the meat while you’re helping the environment.) They’re also organic, preservative-free and come in eco-friendly packaging. All this, and the meal prices start at $8!

Veestro delivers well thought out, well-rounded meals to your home or office or wherever you need healthy food without stress. Entrees can be ordered a la carte or in a meal plan. And choices include easily portable but flavorful foods like a Thai red curry with tofu, veggie empanadas and a lentil and spinach tagine.  In addition, the technology used to seal the environmentally packages helps keep them fresh. In fact, the meals really do taste like they’d been freshly made.

We did find that heating instructions didn’t always go exactly to plan. Our entrees seemed to need a little extra time to cook. However, directions are simple and the food is fresh, vibrant and always interesting.

Veestro offers the option of ordering a la carte meals or bundles based on your needs. (Trying to cut the fat or lose a Holiday pound or two? Need a high-protein or gluten-free meal plan? The bundles are tailored pretty much to any dietary need and as with the a la carte options, everything is vegetarian.) Prices start at $10 for a la carte entrees and $8 per meal for the meal packs. Veestro is now also offering a juice cleanse, with prices starting at $6 per juice.

Get yours

For information on all the plan options and to select your meals and delivery details, visit the Veestro website.

Pictured: Veestro Kale & Quinoa Salad. Image provided by Veestro


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