Old Irish Blackballer Cocktail Recipe

NitroBrew Cocktail RecipeThis week we featured NitroBrew, a cutting edge gadget that adds texture to drinks with nitrogen. Although it was originally created for beer and coffee, NitroBrew, as we mentioned, takes cocktails to a new level. We wanted to show you that sensuality so we’re publishing one of their recipes, created by Jacob Tschetter, aka The Bearded Alchemist. Read more

A Distillery No 209 Cocktail Recipe for Spring

Distillery No 209 Gin Cocktail RecipeSpring is the season when bunnies emerge as a main theme and certainly there are plenty of fertility references to rabbits. So we couldn’t resist featuring this recipe offered to us by Distillery No 209. Whether or not you buy into the bunny theme, we think you’ll appreciate this cocktail recipe’s balance of ingredients, which we think makes a perfect transitional flavor profile for thawing from winter into spring. Read more

Spicy Green Tea Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

green tea rum punchThis recipe was sent to us by Palais des Thes and features their Thé des Fakirs, a green tea blend seasoned with the aphrodisiacs of clove and cardamom. We love the idea of blending green tea with Indian spice, tropical juice and rum. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with a recipe that involves rum! Read more

Adam & Eve Hibiscus Martini Recipe–perfect for a romantic occasion

Wild Hibiscus Martini

Even the name of this cocktail evokes sensuality… and maybe a sense of danger. But we think the presentation is really what takes this one over the top. Wild Hibiscus brand hibiscus flowers are among our favorite aphrodisiac ingredients. They’re delicious, exotic and beautiful all at once. In this hibiscus martini, one rests atop the glass like a beautiful bird of paradise. It transforms this cocktail from just another drink into an experience.  Read more

Coffee with a Kick–a caffeinated cocktail creation

Death Wish coffee cocktailThis recipe comes to us from Death Wish coffee, whose deliciously dangerous beans we recently featured. Although we wouldn’t wish death on any of you, we think their version of a coffee cocktail is too decadent to pass up. We love the idea of a caffeine-spiked cocktail as a wake up call on a cold winter night. Read more