Maybe you need something for Meatless Monday. Or you are steering clear of meat altogether. Either way, you’re going to appreciate our wealth of creative, vegetarian recipes. We’ve featured dozens of vegetarian recipes over the years. That’s because vegetarian recipes offer us a great opportunity to layer aphrodisiac ingredients.

Did you know that things like mushrooms, nuts and even celery are legendary aphrodisiacs? Not to mention that lentils make our list of the 10 Best Foods for Women’s Sexual Health. So it’s easy to see why we’re attracted to vegetarian cooking.

Want a fast and easy, meat-free pasta? Try this oh-so-simple Fresh Linguini with Asparagus and Green Garlic. (Don’t worry, we’ll teach you about green garlic.) Love chili but don’t think it can be done without beef? Our Vegetarian White Bean Chili with Chocolate is going to make you a believer! And if you want to start to learn how to layer Indian spices like a pro, start with this traditional Cashew and Squash Daal.

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