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Citrus Massaged Kale with Oyster Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs

Citrus Massaged Kale Salad RecipeKale is one of those superfoods that’s hard to get into. It’s flavor is slightly bitter and its texture is tough. So what if it’s an aphrodisiac if you can’t enjoy it?

But massaged kale is a whole different story. It might seem weird at first to give a bowl of greens a rubdown but just think of it as a prelude to a night of seduction. Read more

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hard cooked eggs in brown butter with roasted asparagus

hard cooked eggs with brown butter and asparagusThis is one of my all-time favorite spring recipes. It’s also one of the best ideas ever for using hard boiled eggs. I can’t take credit for the idea–my mother came up with it, I simply refined it a little.

If you haven’t experimented with brown butter, I think you’re going to be surprised at how easy it is to make. Read more

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Steel Cut Oats For Dinner: Turmeric Porridge with Kimchi and Fried Egg

steel cut oats for dinner--Turmeric Porridge with KimchiSteel cut oats for dinner? Why not? Oat is really just another whole grain. And steel cut oats, oats that have been chopped up rather than rolled, have a texture reminiscent of other grains that have been slow cooked.

We’re featuring this particular oat recipe because it takes the aphrodisiac of oats and layers it with other libido boosting ingredients. Read more

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oat and black bean cakes with red wine poached eggs and shaved artichoke salad

Black Bean Oat Cake with Red Wine Poached Egg

A Cal-Burgundian mash-up

Annette Tomei innovated this recipe for us as a Californian twist on the classic Burgundian red wine poached egg. The result is a sumptuous layering of flavors and textures perfect for brunch or a romantic dinner for two.  Read more


mini cheddar quiche bites

cheddar quiche bitesThis recipe comes to us from Pete and Gerry’s, who makes our oh-so-aphrodisiac product of the week. These yummy little bites are great for snacking or a quick breakfast on the run. They’re full of organic goodness, and your kids will love them. Leftovers are good cold or reheated briefly in the oven or microwave. Read more