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Top 5 Picnic Recipes–for couples, friends and future lovers

Our top 5 picnic recipes of all timeOur top 5 picnic recipes of all time

Picnics can be the perfect meals for romance. A picnic for two is plays perfectly on the heart strings. And a group picnic is often a great place to find a new summer fling or maybe even the love of your life.

Since summer is right around the corner, we’re helping you get ready with our top 5 picnic recipes filled with aphrodisiac ingredients. Enjoy them with a bottle of chilled rosé, a thermos of lavender lemonade or a pitcher full of rum punch. Read more

Better Baking for Valentine’s Day with These 10 Chocolatey Tips

These 10 great tips for better baking with chocolate come to us from our favorite Bundt Babe, Chrysta Wilson of Kiss My Bundt. Wilson believes that the day of love should be a day to celebrate our love of sweets. Her are her suggestions for stirring up a little romance with homemade chocolate confections or gifts of love. Read more


Top 5 Aphrodisiac Recipes of 2016

Celebrating our most popular recipes of the year

2016 was a delicious year for us. We got a new site design, introduced The 10 Steps to Sexy Diet, added a Travel News section and expanded our guide to aphrodisiac foods. And while these all seemed to be hits with our visitors, it was our recipes that really got the buzz. We weren’t surprised to learn that a pancake recipe made the list. And we expected there would be a dessert. But we weren’t expecting the list would be rounded out by a chili, a sandwich and a salsa. In case you missed them, here are the top 5 aphrodisiac recipes of the year: Read more

5 Foods to Serve Your Lover

If you are looking to pepper your meal with aphrodisiacs, you need look no farther than your pantry. A surprising number of ingredients can claim an aphrodisiac history. But even among aphrodisiacs you have MVP’s. Here are my picks for stand-out sensual foods to serve your lover known to offer an almost immediate (and none too subtle) aphrodisiac kick for stirring up a night of passion.

Read more

Chefs’ Favorite Aphrodisiac Dishes–the sexy perspective on meatopia 2011

favorite aphrodisiac dishes

Is Meatopia an Aphrodisiac?

What began a few years ago as an over-the-top birthday celebration for Josh Ozersky (aka Mr. Cutlets), has grown to a celebration of all things meat. This year, chefs from across the country gathered on a pier in Brooklyn the size of three football fields on, arguably, one of the hottest days in NYC history Read more