The In Between Places

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

According to the calendar, spring may have already sprung, but you would never guess it by walking around the streets of NYC – that is, if you can bear the bitter cold breezes. For a brief couple of sunny warm days where it was still light outside when I left work, I felt spring fever start to bubble up like the subtle silky mousse of a delicate Prosecco. Read more


Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Annette Tomei

Winter in NYC with all the layers of turtlenecks, sweaters, scarves, and down-blanket-sized coats give us a certain sense of privilege when it comes to indulging in comfort foods. The girls and I have spent most of the winter pandering to our personal cravings for delicious coziness – snowy days and nights, comfort foods, and winter cocktails – especially the ones that are “bad for you.” And, anyone who reads this regularly knows that I have a particular affection for sexy things that are “bad for me” – especially, but not limited to, bad boy chefs. Read more

One Wild Week–how a chef celebrates a birthday

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Annette Tomei

I’ve heard that a lady never tells her age. However, since I consider myself a strong woman, more so than a “lady,” I am proud to say I recently celebrated attaining the age of 41. And celebrate, I did! In fact, the un-41-year-old-like manner in which I celebrated is the subject of this month’s (attempted) reminiscence… Read more

Diva Toscana!

Chef Annette TomeiEat and Tell with Annette Tomei

We spent a week with my father, his wife, and their family exploring the countryside and eating fabulous large meals – the meticulously crafted peasant fare that has come to define Italy, and rightfully so. Traveling with a large family, including small children, is a challenge – especially when you are single with no children. However, I would never trade that experience for the world! Read more

Sexiest Chefs–the making of the chef as a sex symbol

Chef Annette TomeiEat and Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

The original “Rock Star Chef” Marco Pierre White was, arguably, the first chef to become famous not only for his virtuosity behind the stove, but for his bedroom eyes and fresh-out-of-the-sack do (and that telltale cigarette) – among other bad boy traits. Read more