A Perfect Match? Unlocking Food Pairing Secrets

Chef and Wine Educator Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

I do believe there’s someone out there for everybody. However, I don’t believe we are limited to only one chance at bliss. Good thing! Same goes for the world of food and drink. Yes, there are the classic pairings we all know so well – Champagne and oysters, beer and pizza, milk and cookies. But, when you look closely, you’ll find that the same flavor components that make those combinations work so well are universal to all our favorite foods and drinks… you just need to know a little more about how they work together. Read more

Falling in Love Again–rediscovering a love for cooking

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

I’ve been cooking for my family and friends as well as professionally for at least three decades. For most of that time, cooking was something I did for the joy of the process and the pleasure it brought to others. Then, somewhere along the way, it became just another chore or task that I was expected to perform. Oddly, this coincided with my departure from the professional kitchen. I thought that, once I stopped cooking professionally, I would have more time and interest to dedicate to personal enjoyment, but my reality was quite the opposite. Read more

Learning to Love LA–a NY chef explores the Los Angeles food scene

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

If you’ve read many of the Eat and Tell posts I’ve written over the years, you probably already know that I’ve always been an East Coast girl, even when I lived on the West Coast. To top it off, I’m a New Yorker, and as such, I’ve been a little prejudice against Los Angeles for a good long time. For years, friends have been trying to convince me of the wonders of life in sunny southern California. Read more

Nibbles — the sensual appeal of snacks & finger foods

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

Nibbles. The word alone draws a sensual image – delicate, playful, innocent – but not very! Be it tender earlobes, the sweet spot on your lover’s neck or flavorful tasty morsels eaten with your fingers, nibbles can be fun and satisfying in their own right or a prelude to something more substantial. Either way, life would be far less enjoyable without nibbles. Read more

Life is a Perfect Cocktail

Chef Annette TomeiEat & Tell with Chef Annette Tomei

My current favorite quote is one from Virginia Woolf. Basically, it says that there are moments in life that we experience so intensely that they stand alone like a delicate droplet of water. Eventually, and all too quickly, the drop falls and that precious moment becomes a part of the whole, blending with all other moments of life. Read more