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Our top 5 picnic recipes of all time

Top 5 Picnic Recipes--for couples, friends and future lovers

Our top 5 picnic recipes of all timePicnics can be the…
Warm Strawberry Crumb Cake

Warm Strawberry Crumb Cake--a luscious spring version of the classic cake

A crumb cake recipe from the strawberry capital of Southern California by…
Creme Fraiche Frosting

Creme Fraiche Frosting--a sophisticated alternative to vanilla buttercream

Frosting on another levelCreme fraiche is one of my food…

Sweet Onion Tart--a savory side dish with French flair

Sweet Onion Tart makes a simple side dish One of my favorite…
Blackberry and Coconut Parfait - an easy and elegant dessert that can be made in advance

Recipe for Easy, Elegant Blackberry and Coconut Parfait

Sara Lewis puts her spin on parfait Sara Lewis, British tastemaker…