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May 2006: Get Your Cock On

wine recommendations from amy reiley

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley

Sometimes you just want to plunge your corkscrew into a wine that feels familiar, a wine that’s uncomplicated and comes without too much expense. It’s for these moments that I love a winery like Hahn Estates, or the “cock wines,” as my friends cheer when I pull out a bottle. (Hahn, which means “rooster” in German, brands every bottle with the crested head of a brown rooster). Read more

April 2006: Up-and-Coming Californian Wines

wine recommendations from amy reiley

Woman on Wine withAmy Reiley

They represent the new faces on the California wine scene. Some will be the wines that have critics all a-buzz in the coming years while others simply represent great deals for their under-the-radar and oh-so-competitive pricing. In either case, dig in to these beauties and you’ll soon be saying, “I drank them when…” Read more

March 2006: Revel in Rothschild

amy reiley

Woman on Wine with amy reiley

There are few vintners in the world with enough styles to appease any taste preference and budget, but the global spread of Bordeaux’s famed Mouton Rothchild may just allow the great house to fill this rare bill. Most collectors love Rothschild for their esteemed and mind-numbingly costly First Growth, but these days the winery’s offering choices for the working man. Read more

February 2006: Santa Barbara Beyond the Pinot

wine recommendations from amy reiley

woman on wine with amy reiley

About this time last year, the world was introduced to the seductions of Santa Barbara Pinot Noir thanks to a quirky little film called Sideways. And although SB is a hotspot for world-class Pinot Noir, the region is filled with a multitude of racy whites and sexy reds. This February, look beyond Sideways boy-bonding Pinot to some of the region’s other seductive styles. Read more

January 2006: Champagne Special

wine recommendations from amy reiley

Woman on Wine with Amy Reiley

I think every good drinker should make the resolution to savor more Champagne. For this, I’m sharing with you my secret for keeping up the optimism the whole year through.
Cheers! Read more