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Is Ice Cream the Most Romantic Dessert of Summer?

The romantic dessert Americans love

Saying that the USA is besotted with ice cream is an understatement considering that the average American consumes in the region of 44 pints of ice cream in a single year. While it is common knowledge that ice cream makes you feel better, not everyone knows that it is also a rather potent aphrodisiac. While eating a regular bowl of store-bought ice cream is undoubtedly a sensual experience that will put you in a good mood, nothing can compare indulging in a scoop or five of delectable homemade ice cream. Homemade ice cream generally made with only the best ingredients you can find. But you can also freely experiment with a range of flavor profiles. If you want to turn ice cream into the most romantic dessert of summer, you can even add a number of other in-the-mood-foods to your ice cream to boost its aphrodisiacal properties even more.

Carnal chocolate

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac of ancient repute. Which is precisely why it is so popular on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine. This stimulates dopamine production in the pleasure centers of the brain. It also contains a nice amount of anandamide which triggers a sense of well-being and exhilaration. (Learn more about the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate.)

There are countless ways in which you can turn a serving of rich, dark, homemade chocolate ice cream into a desirable dessert. A scoop of ice cream on a decadent chocolate brownie can become a romantic dessert of summer–especially if you and your partner take turns feeding it to each other. You can even just have your ice cream on its own. Especially if you experiment with mouth-watering flavor combinations such as orange and dark chocolate, double choc chip, chocolate and walnut, and chocolate caramel.

Fabulous figs

Apart from looking downright luscious when eaten, figs are also known to contain strong libido-boosting properties. Want to end your evening on a high-note? Why not serve up a bowl or two of fabulous fig ice cream to get you and your partner in the mood.

Having an ice cream maker at home will come in very handy as it will enable you to create a variety of delicious frozen desserts in your own kitchen.  It will also allow you to experiment with various flavor combinations until you find the perfect one. You can make a simple egg custard ice cream to which you have added some honey-infused fresh figs. It’s a guaranteed treat, especially since honey is a welcome sweetener in any aphrodisiac dessert.  Serve your sultry ice cream in a sleek bowl, drizzle with honey. Then decorate the bowls with fresh fig slices for an unapologetic, erotic touch.

In the mood for an even more adventurous ice cream flavor? We’ve got a recipe for rose petal ice cream.

Buxom bananas

Some people have the ability to eat a banana in such a way that you end up feeling dirty just watching them do it. According to scientists, bananas contain bromelain. And Bromelain is believed to increase a man’s sex drive. Women can benefit from eating bananas too since these super fruits are rich in potassium and Vitamin B2. And don’t forget the riboflavin that can give you a nifty energy boost between the sheets. (Learn more about the sexy side of bananas.)

A simple banana ice cream is sure to get the blood flowing to all the right places. Although you can step up your game a notch and put a modern, sexy spin on a traditional split by using homemade banana ice cream, grilled banana halves and a generous drizzle of banana-rum sauce. Top it off with a few chunks of caramel fudge and a few red cherries and you have a dessert fit for a king.

There is no better way to end a meal in summer than a frozen, romantic dessert. Whether you and your partner share a bowl of frozen goodness together or you each gobble down your own serving, you are bound to be in the mood for something more than food later on in the night.

Can’t get enough of ice cream? Check out our recipe for an adult ice cream float.


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