I'm Dreaming of a Wine Christmas 1

I’m Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

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I gave up the white Christmas years ago. It’s not snow I long for but a holiday overflowing with the world’s greatest grapes. I will admit my wish list is not necessarily filled with those bottles hot in the ranks of some of my counterparts’ “best of the year” rankings. But they are wines that appeal to my palate and, in many cases, my wallet. They may not be wines I can sock away to retire on at auction, but they will keep me warm all the way through to New Year’s Eve.

Perrier Jouet 1999 Blanc de Blancs
A little on the hard-to-get side, this wine is truly one of the most beautiful things that has ever traced the landscape of my tongue. Refined, elegant, but not lacking in body, it is everything a bottle of Champagne should encompass.

Wine ChristmasPol Roger 1990 Sir Winston Churchill
Although most of us are on ’95’s and ’99’s, this early 90’s bottling is, in my estimation, among the best champagne ever produced. A luscious, full-bodied bubbly, it still tastes great from a bottle and even better in magnum.

Groom 2006 Sauvignon Blanc
Adelaide Hills
If you have any experience with Adelaide Hills wine, you’ll know the region has a very distinctive terroir. It also has a climate which produces restrained and sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc. And if one wine can stand as a textbook example of the region’s racy yet elegant style, Groom’s new SB would be the region’s poster child.

Domaine de Chevalier 2000 Blanc
These days, we look to New Zealand, a relative wine world newcomer for our Sauvignon Blanc. But one taste of this classic sauvignon blanc/semillon blend’s nectar will remind any white wine lover that experience breeds perfection.

Folie a Deux 2006 Menage a Trois Rose
Napa Valley
A favorite of mine not just for the name, it is a sexy little wine as well as one of Napa’s best values. Simple, fresh and lovely with one of the sassiest names on the market, how could I not love this wine?

Cain 2000 Cain Five
Napa Valley
I am not usually a big, American Cab drinker, but I cracked open a bottle of this Napa bad boy at Thanksgiving and let me tell you, I wish I had another. Wines often hit a really pretty point in their aging and right now, this wine is like a big bottle of Angelina Jolie.

Taylor Fladgate 2001 Vargellas
Douro Valley
There are Port drinkers and then there are Taylor drinkers. I’m a Taylor girl. And among Taylor’s impressive lineup, there’s no Port I would grab over Vargales, the beautifully syrup-like, womanly wine from the port house’s stunning Vargales vineyard.


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